super chocolate bear

Undiagnosed bi-polar fella

Piff Gang – PG On My T-Shirt
Piff Gang – Tanqueray & Piff
Piff Gang – Jet Pack
Kings – That’s A Story Huh
S-Type ft Budgie (Piff Gang) – Walrus
ItsNate – ? You Came For
Kings – Surfin On Dry Land
Piff Gang – Let’s Make A Sandwich
Piff Gang – Mixtape Shit
Piff Gang – High
Piff Gang – Got Bitches
Piff Gang – Fly Shit
Piff Gang – That’s That Chronic
Piff Gang – Candy Cup
Piff Gang – Exodus
Evian Christ – Fuck It None Of Y’all Don’t Rap
Piff Gang – Million Dollar Dream
Piff Gang – After Hours

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